100 Useful Exercises in English (Penguin English) by John Millington Ward

By John Millington Ward

A convention ebook for college students of English at intermediate and complicated degrees.

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Application Highlights transparent charts and causes *Student-friendly grammar charts with transparent details. *Examples observed through transparent motives. *Minimal grammar terminology for ease of figuring out. In-depth grammar perform *Immediate program of grammatical varieties and meanings. *A number of workout varieties together with warm-up, comprehension, final touch, interpreting, listening, interview, and writing.

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Книга состоит из 30 юнитов и 2-х приложений. В юнитах поданы тексты на техническое чтение (про всякие там резисторы, транзисторы, конденсаторы, электрические схемы и многое другое, т. е. все что нужно знать любому инженеру-электронщику и вообще образованному человеку), естественно грамматика и письмо.

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An up-to-date and revised version of the target CAE path, which prepares scholars for Cambridge English: complex, sometimes called certificates in complicated English (CAE). The Workbook offers the additional perform and consolidation of language and talents required at this point. The Audio CD presents additional listening perform.

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3 happening often, especially in an annoying way: The stupid car is always breaking down! 4 as always as is usual or expected: Her singing, as always, was wonderful. 5 you can/could always... (spoken) said in order to make a polite suggestion: You could always try calling her. [ORIGIN: 1300—1400 Old English ealne weg “all the way”] GRAMMAR Use always before a verb, unless the verb is “be”: I always have my driver’s license with me. Use always after the verb “be”: She’s always very helpful. If there are two or more verbs together, always comes after the first one: He had always dreamed of being a pilot.

Adv. ” 2 not hurt, not upset, or not having problems: Sue, are you all right? | The press conference went all right (=happened without any problems). ” 5 used in order to say or ask whether something is convenient for you: Would Thursday morning be all right? 6 used in order to ask or give permission to do something: Is it all right if I close the window? | It’s all right with me. 7 used in order to ask if someone has understood something: Put the cards into three piles, all right? 8 it’s all right used in order to make someone feel less afraid or worried: It’s all right, Mommy’s here.

C] forget things and lose their ability to take care of themselves —altruistic /"æltru'IstIkX/ adj. AM /"eI 'EmX/ n [U] amplitude modulation a a·lu·mi·num /@'lum@n@m/ n. [U] CHEMISTRY a system of broadcasting radio programs, in which silver-white metal that is an ELEMENT , and that is the strength of the radio waves changes ➔ FM light and easily bent am /m, @m; strong æm/ v. the first person singular a·lum·ni /@'lömnaI/ n. m. /"eI 'Em/ used when talking about times that al·ve·o·lus /æl'vi@l@s/ n.

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