1001 celestial wonders as observed with home-built by Charles Edward Barns

By Charles Edward Barns

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1347 091903Hyd. 7-8. Sep. 3. 5. 3". 1. 41. Per. 76yrs. Spc. A2. 2. OI4. 226Iy. K2. ASTRONOMICAL PROGRESS. Be not under the delusion that in astronomy-any more than in any other field of man's interest and endeavor-everything -1 -2 il fixed and settled. Controversy is in the air and camps are divided into partisan groups in stellar research as in the domain of politics, theo}oKY or social science. It was so in the time of Hipparchus, of Copernicus, of Newton and Le Verrier: it will be so till the end of time.

C • 9 PM .. MAY 15 Etc.. ITS IN MAS1ER HANDS. Do not despise small instruments; for in the hands of tht _ster they may become mighty engines of research and pro· cress. Argelander mapped his immortal Durchmusterung 01 over three hundred thousand stars with a two and one·hall Inch telescope! The great Huygens used a refractor that gave a -magnification of only 1001 Pickering photographed Orion witt a two and one·half inch portrait lens; and Barnard's remark· able photographs of that nebulae were achieved with an even maller lens from a cheap projecting lantern.

7:52. 0=0 " 23. 3y Spc F8. Primary an unique l. p. Sp. Bin. Period,5588ds. + Par. 025. Dist. 1351 y. Mass, 3Yz XSun. p 084406 0:5-12. Sep. 12". o,crand 'f)Hydrae. In same field, with lesser lights, present a brilliant pageant. 8. Per. 256d. MONOCEROS: HVII 22 080905 Cl. Isolated, but bright and curious. 9. Per. 3 d. 8. Sep. 31". TIiE GIANT-DWARF THEORY. "Stars are of two races-giants and dwarfs. arge, bright and tenuous; the dwarfs small, faint and condensed. Our glorious Sun is only a dwarf; but practicalll all tbe naked-eye fixed stars are giants.

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