60 Recipes for Apache CloudStack: Using the CloudStack by Sébastien Goasguen

By Sébastien Goasguen

Planning to install and retain a public, inner most, or hybrid cloud carrier? This cookbook’s convenient how-to recipes assist you quick examine and set up Apache CloudStack, in addition to a number of API consumers, API wrappers, info architectures, and configuration administration applied sciences that paintings as a part of CloudStack’s ecosystem.

You’ll find out how to use Vagrant, Ansible, Chef, Fluentd, Libcloud, and several open resource instruments that allow you to construct and function CloudStack larger and swifter. If you’re an skilled programmer, method administrator, or DevOps practitioner accustomed to bash, Git, package deal administration, and a few Python, you’re able to go.

  • Learn simple CloudStack install from resource, together with gains similar to DevCloud, the CloudStack sandbox
  • Get a step by step consultant for fitting CloudStack from programs on Ubuntu 14.04 utilizing KVM
  • Write your personal purposes on best of the CloudStack API, utilizing CloudMonkey, Libcloud, jclouds, and CloStack
  • Expose assorted APIs on CloudStack with the EC2Stack, Boto, and Eutester API wrappers
  • Deploy functions simply, utilizing Puppet, Salt, Ansible, Chef, and Vagrant
  • Dive into cloud tracking and garage with RiakCS, Fluentd, and Apache Whirr

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Click the View Zones icon and find and follow the Add Zone icon on the top right. You will then follow a series of windows where you have to enter information describing the zone. 4 as internal DNS. Our hypervisor type is KVM, and we are using local storage (scroll drown to the bottom of the wizard window). The reserved IPs are IPs used by the system VMs. 0). 0). The host is the KVM hypervisor that we set up. 101 and its root password. Make sure that you can SSH as root to the host with that password.

The resultant hmac is subsequently 64-bit encoded and URL encoded. The signature string used is similar to the base request string just shown, but the keys/ values are lowercase and joined in a sorted order. strip()) Finally, build the entire API request string by joining the baseurl, the request string, and the signature. You just need to use HTTP GET to get the response (HTTP POST is also supported for some API calls). read() '{ "listusersresponse" : { "count":1 ,"user" : [ {"id":"7ed6d5da-93b2-4545-a502-23d20b48ef2a", "username":"admin","firstname":"admin", "lastname":"cloud","created":"2012-07-05T12:18:27-0700", "state":"enabled","account":"admin", "accounttype":1,"domainid":"8a111e58-e155-4482-93ce-84efff3c7c77", "domain":"ROOT", "apikey":"plgWJfZK4gyS3mOMTVmjUVg-X-jlWlnfaUJ9GAbBbf9EdM ↵ -kAYMmAiLqzzq1ElZLYq_u38zCm0bewzGUdP66mg", "secretkey":"VDaACYb0LV9eNjTetIOElcVQkvJck_J_QljX_FcHRj8 7ZKiy0z0ty0ZshwJaw7FF3akA3KBQ", "accountid":"7548ac03-af1d-4c1c-9064-2f3e2c0eda0d"}]}} 38 | Chapter 3: API Clients All the clients that you will find on GitHub will implement this signature technique, so you should not have to do it by hand.

15 Figure 2-1. Apache CloudStack basic zone To do this installation, we will follow five basic steps: 1. Installing the management server prerequisites 2. Setting up the management server 3. Installing the KVM agent prerequisites 4. Setting up a KVM hypervisor 5. 1. 04 server using the CloudStack community package repository, you need to install a few prerequisites and prepare your networking environment. 04. Edit the /etc/hosts and /etc/networking/interfaces files to set up your network. Discussion Let’s look at the dependencies you’ll need for installing CloudStack.

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