A Very Murdering Battle (Captain Daniel Rawson, Book 5) by Edward Marston

By Edward Marston

It truly is 1709, and Europe is in the course of the coldest iciness for a century. France is soreness profoundly: together with her humans ravenous and her military rattled through mutiny and desertions, King Louis XIV is on the Hague, trying to find peace with the English on nearly any phrases. to aid those negotiations, the Duke of Marlborough sends Captain Daniel Rawson on a deadly challenge to Paris to find a package deal of important info which could safe an positive peace deal for England.

Yet even with his efforts, the peace talks cave in, and Daniel unearths himself once again embroiled in risky event. For Marlborough has one other challenge for him: this time it isn't details yet a invaluable tapestry that should be recovered. The tapestry of the conflict of Ramillies has been stolen, and Daniel’s hunt for the ruthless thieves leads him into enemy territory, the place he needs to day-by-day outwit betrayal and kidnap, and possibility trap and lifestyles itself.

All the whereas, the French military is regaining its power lower than the supervision of Marshall Villars, a precious opponent within the box. because the opposing armies mass within the region round the village of Malplaquet, a bloody stumble upon looms. which means if Daniel manages to come competently to the Duke’s forces from in the back of enemy traces, he needs to then stand speedy and struggle of their so much murdering conflict yet.

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All haunts are mind-affecting fear effects, even those that can produce physical effects. Redcaps (5) CR 6 hp 64 each (see page 80) B8. Tannery (EL 9) This room reeks of vinegar, rotting hair, and worse. A single large stone basin sits in the middle of the room, about ten feet square and filled with foul-looking fluid upon which float patches of wet fur. Around the basin stand a dozen wooden frames over which leather and hides are stretched. At the far end of the cave, a stinking mound of hides and furs awaits tanning.

Grumelda CR 8 Female stone giant (MM 124) N Large giant hp 119 B5b. Larder This room is a carnivore’s paradise: the cave is packed with entire sides of elk, smoked haunches of deer and wild boar, and massive slabs that can only be mammoth ribs. The room is filled with stacks of meat of all kinds, smaller quantities of spices and roots, and many sacks of grain. A closer search of the smoked meat here reveals some gruesome human, elf, and dwarf remains. One small barrel is labeled “CANDY” in Giant—inside are hundreds of human, elf, and dwarf eyes floating in a thick suspension of foul-smelling brine.

Named Embers, the bear knows that anyone shorter than eight feet in height has no business in here, and he roars a challenge to any such intruders a second before he lumbers to the attack. If Jorgenfist isn’t on alert already, the bear’s roars certainly do the trick and rouse the giants to defend the fortress. Embers CR 10 Male advanced dire bear (MM 63) N Huge animal Init +0; Senses low-light vision, scent; Listen +13, Spot +14 Defense AC 18, touch 8, flat-footed 18 (+10 natural, –2 size) hp 189 (18d8+108) Fort +17, Ref +11, Will +12 Offense Spd 40 ft.

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