All about the telescope by P Klushantsev

By P Klushantsev

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It didn't even rain there. But how can you live without water? That's why, as the snow cap melts at the pole in spring, the Martians carefully collect the drops of precious moisture and channel the water through. some kind of pipes to plantations, towns, and warm parts of the planet. The pipes were constructed in a straight line so that the water would flow faster. The Martians' irrigated vegetable plots, fields and gardens were situated along these pipelines and barren deserts stretched out beyond them.

Plains o Moon. You can see the Sun and the· Ear the black sky; It is vast and blue and s to be smeared all over by some white - our clouds. Strangely enough; the SUD mov the sky but the EarTh stays in same' place.. ause the M always looks at the Earth from side, like the puppy looked at the as it ran round her on a lead~ do remember? The Sun lights up the Earth fr9m side, which is why the Earth looks like cook a meal on them like on a stove. That's a sickle. The closer the Sun moves towards very convenient, isn't it?

The closer the Sun moves towards very convenient, isn't it? But watch out when the night comes! the Earth, the finer the sickle becomes. When the Sun moves past the Earth, it It also lasts two weeks here. All the rocks cool down very quickly and freeze hard. looks like a beautiful silver ring. The Sun slips very slowly across the In a few days the temperature drops to Moon's sky. The day here lasts two whole -150OC! And the Sun won't come out soon! In this kind of "weather" it's better weeks. During this long day the Sun has time to stay inside by the fire.

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