American English File: MultiPACK Starter A by Oxenden

By Oxenden

Four-skills American English direction with a communicative method, attractive texts, and a powerful pronunciation syllabus - designed to get scholars talking.

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Application Highlights transparent charts and reasons *Student-friendly grammar charts with transparent details. *Examples observed through transparent motives. *Minimal grammar terminology for ease of knowing. In-depth grammar perform *Immediate program of grammatical types and meanings. *A number of workout varieties together with warm-up, comprehension, of entirety, interpreting, listening, interview, and writing.

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I have played the piano since lwas a child. 5 How long have you worked as a - How long have you been working as a teacher? is also teacher? possrble. 6 7 8 q to I have bought l0 apples and20 oranges. I have been listening to a symphony by Mozart. I have listened to it many times. She has been learning English for ten years. She has learned three languages. ExerciseX Exercise BB I 2 3 John told me that he had told you. ltold him he had made a mistake. t turned on the television and watched the cricket.

6 Could you tell me where the check-in is? I Do you know if John (' was at the pafty? 8 Couldyou tell me whywe are waiting? I Do you know if it is cold outside? early. time. 4 t AilERTcAN I suggested that he take the bus. O Do you know who woR the match? ::,::Ji Eaely hus John worked so hard. |,1',H,Ikfi,'Xfl,"0 cfrpirman ro p6 c,ifturhe4. m{d- ) This book is based on the hightypoputar Engtish by Radio series'professor Gr aimirt . You can have a frge. nOtlsh lesson every/ day if you listen to BBC Engtish Oy Raaio.

4 No cFlANGEr I drove down 5 6 7 8 I lO the street and parked the car. didn't do well on the exam because she hadn't studied. The questions were harder than she had expected. She I had spoken to him before you did. The boss asked for his work before he had finished. Yesterday I cleaned the house and did some gardening. Exercise Y I He will be angry when he hears the * 3 4 5 news. lwilltellhirn as soon as lsee him. As soon as I see him I will tell him. There will be dancing after we eat. I won't leave before you do.

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