An Ottoman Century: The District of Jerusalem in the 1600s by Dror Zeevi

By Dror Zeevi

In response to micro-level study of the District of Jerusalem, this ebook addresses probably the most an important questions about the Ottoman empire in a time of drawback and disorientation: decline and decentralization, the increase of the remarkable elite, the urban-rural-pastoral nexus, agrarian family members and the encroachment of ecu economic system. whilst it paints a vibrant photo of existence in an Ottoman province. through integrating courtroom list, petitions, chronicles or even neighborhood poetry, the e-book recreates a ancient international that, even though lengthy vanished, has left an indelible imprint at the urban of Jerusalem and its atmosphere.

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The registers included details on the appointee himself, his origin, known relatives or patrons, and his present income. 3 The main conclusion of Kunt's research is the considerable devaluation in the importance of the district, and a parallel increase in the centrality of the province in internal Ottoman politics. The sipahi cavalry, with its reliance on bows and javelins and its inefficient handling of firearms, faded into obsolesence towards the end of the sixteenth century. As their military importance diminished, so did the administrative­economic system which served as a basis for their organization and structure.

41 Before long the new consul found himself at odds with the governor and the qadi. Lempereur thought the reason was the governor's greed and his own insistence on the rights of French merchants in Ramle. But in a letter he sent to the king of France on the 20th of November 1624 he claimed that the governor undermines his position, alleging that he is cooperating with the amir Fakhr al­Din, and that he intends to deliver the city of Jerusalem into his hands. The governor, writes Lempereur, managed to convince his superiors in the provincial capital.

Such an assumption renders all social history meaningless. There is no doubt that significant changes have occurred in relation to morality and society throughout Islamic history. These changes were reflected in the structure and administration of cities, and even of single houses. Modern research should examine these changes, and lay aside the discussion of perennial aspects of religion and culture. 31 In order to put these contrasting views in focus, let us now turn to a description of Jerusalem as one example of an Islamic city.

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