Analysis Within the Systems Development Life-Cycle. Book 3: by Rosemary Rock-Evans

By Rosemary Rock-Evans

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All the lower level activities are a very general classification of all the detailed activities (like 'open customer account') and represent a more detailed breakdown of the activities which have been set up to achieve 'banking'. 21. On examination, this very broad classification can be decomposed into the sub-classifications of lending, borrowing, money management, providing customer services and so on. When the providing customer services activity is examined in detail, it is decomposed into further sub-activities.

When the activities act—whatever they are doing—they will look at data which is in the correct state for them. 47. A. 44: Very fuzzy entity model, with group entity types rather than precise entity types • Vendor details also consist of actual vendor details and details of the types of goods or services they supply • The purchase order details sent to the vendor have been decomposed and found to consist of the original orders and any later amendments • The request is processed by order preprocessing.

When a picture is drawn the project boundaries are represnted by it, meaning that from the start to the end the user will know if an activity is in or outside the scope and there will be no surprises or disappointments upon completion. 1 What does it represent? A DFD is a network representation of a business system and shows the logical dependency of one activity upon another for its data. It shows where 'parallel' activities (which are not dependent on one another for data) and where 'dependent' activities (which are dependent upon one another for data) can take place.

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