Atlas of Cerebrospinal Fluid Cells by Dr. Hans Wolfgang Kölmel (auth.)

By Dr. Hans Wolfgang Kölmel (auth.)

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Patient: female, 34 years old. CSF: 180 cells/mm 3 , 65 mg% protein. c, d Syphilitic meningoencephalitis. Same patient as Fig. a and b, 3 days after commencement of penicillin therapy. Still many transformed lymphocytes. Plasmocytic cells. Signs of monocyte mobilisation. ~ • •• , a c b 53 10. Meningoencephalitis in Behr;et's Disease Meningoencephalitis in Behyet's disease is rare but worthy of mention as an example of an allergic-hyperergic reaction of the CNS to an unknown agent [I, 2, 3, II, 150, 181].

The first signs of phagocytosis appear about 4 hours after the introduction of blood into the CSF. The monocytic cells, which usually circulate in the CSF, are the first to undergo cytoplasmic activation. They initiate phagocytosis, but their activity in the elimination of the red blood cells is limited and quickly loses significance. Lively proliferation of leptomeningeal tissue becomes apparent about 12~18 hours after the initial stimulus. The appearance of many macrophages, some of them organized in loose clusters, is characteristic of this development.

A) Purely meningitic reaction. First sign of illness 16 days earlier. CSF: 1080 cells/mm 3 • Neutrophils throughout. A few monocytes. (b) Six days later. CSF: 35 cells/mm 3 . Mainly monocytes and small lymphocytes. c, d Behfet's disease. Patient: male, 32 years old. CSF: 70 cells/mm 3 • Second relapse of meningoencephalitis. First signs of illness 18 months previously. Granulocytes, many transformed lymphocytes and monocytes. b d c 55 11. Giant Cells The term "giant cells" was established on the basis of morphologic criteria.

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