Balkan Society in the Age of Greek Independence by Richard Clogg

By Richard Clogg

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Collingwood's Mediterranean fleet occupied the three southern islands and worked their way up to the north slowly but steadil~ The French garrison in Corfu finally capitulated in 1814 on the orders of Louis XVIII. Thus began the British occupation of the Ionian Islands which was to last for half a century. The British right of possession was confirmed and legitimized on 15 November 1815 by the Treaty of Paris after haphazard and confused negotiations 42 in Vienna and Paris, which need not concern us here.

180, unsigned memorandum on British Trade with the Ottoman Empire, dated 13 October, 1790; FO 42, val, 2, Sp. Foresti to FO, Zante 16 October, 1793; val. 3, Foresti to FO, Zante 12 April, 1799. 40. As far as Ragusa was concerned the case was, needless to say, of a natuical power coming back into prominence. 41. In addition to the memoranda mentioned in notes 38, 39 and 42, 46 below, see c. C. de Peyssonnel, Traite sur le commerce de laMer Noire, 2 vols (Paris 1787); H. A. S. Ms. 33554 (Bentham Papers, vol XVIII) ff.

The two have always interacted at different times and under different circumstances to give rise to a variety of social formations, the nature of which has often proved a subject of controversy. What concerns us here is something more specific: the state of play in the case of the Greek provinces of the Ottoman Empire, at a particular period of time, - the end of the eighteenth and the beginning of the nineteenth century. The evidence adduced in this paper points to the conclusion that the necessary preconditions for the emergence of capitalism proper in p~e-independence their absence.

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