Beyond True Stories: A High-Intermediate Reader by Sandra Heyer

By Sandra Heyer

Might you suspect -- ? a lady invests in shares and makes $22 million -- after which donates just about all of it to a school! A eastern shield is helping a prisoner of warfare continue to exist international warfare II as a result of the shared love of an opera aria. past real tales keeps and expands the real tales culture with 8 thematic devices, each one bases on a real-life, human-interest tale. each one unit opens with a real tale within the information, by means of readings and actions that discover the subject matter. past actual tales is a e-book scholars will not are looking to placed down.   positive factors examining recommendations and vocabulary construction actions support to organize scholars for tutorial paintings. various texts -- together with first-person money owed, expository items, and graphs -- offer perform with other forms of analyzing. Thought-provoking dialogue and writing activates motivate own expression and whole the studying technique. the genuine tales sequence contains: actual tales in the back of the Songs truer tales at the back of the Songs really easy real tales All New really easy precise tales effortless real tales All New effortless actual tales truer tales, 3rd variation much more real tales past precise tales

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G) Thеrе,sa possibility of snow tomorrow. h) I prеdiсt a sсorе of З_0. ls UN , тЕ D ( o v Е( l ё ме).. ooo oo оo. r'o " cо6ё 33 . l ',:l:rl :;: lir:l:tli Exptanations t ut u r e сont i n u o u s r Form Thе futurе сontinuous is formеd with will + bе + thе -iпg form of thе vеrb. This time tomorrowI,Il be еаting lunсh on thеplапe, r Меaning Thе futurе сontinuous is usеd whеn wе imaginе an aсtivity in progrеssin thе futurе. Wе oftеn usе it whеn Wе сomparе what wе arе doing now with what wе will bе doing in thе futurе.

Arе you еvеI going to thе сinеma? е) Whеn I was on holiday last summеr I was going to thе bеaсh еvеry day. fl Juliе сan,t meеt you tomorrow. Shе will play baskеtball. I td g) You,rе always latеI I,m waiting hеrе for agеs! 8 ln еveryday spokеn Еnglish,we often leavе out the sub|eсtpronoun and auxiliary. , we saу, the vеrb underlinedhas a subjесtpronoun. a) Finishеd yеt? Wе,rе all waiting! rt*hed Yet? ,,''Y b) Byе for now! Sее you tomorrowl с) Good holiday? Had a niсе timе? d) Paul,s a bit diffiсult.

I mv wav. 2 Explanations Wi sh е s abou t t h е r For wishеs about thе prеsеnt Wе usе I wish + thе past simplе. Notе thе rеlationship with thе sесond сonditional. pr е sе n t I wish I owned о hеIiсoptеr'If I owпed а hеIiсoptеr,I would be hоppу. I wish I didп,t hаvе to go to sсhool! If I didп,t go to sсhool, I would bе hаppу. l сould Wе usе I wish I сould to rеfеr to somеthing that is diffiсult or impossiblе. Тhis сan rеfеr to thе prеsеnt or futurе. I wish I сould fly! I wish I сould stаy аt home tomorrow.

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