Biology: How life works by James Morris et al.

By James Morris et al.

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"1 Jind released lectures insipid. " ALEXANDER VON HUMBOLDT ta LOUIS AGASSIZ, January 15, 1840 many stuff converse opposed to the ebook of lectures. The impression of the spoken note is particularly diverse from that of the written observe. Repeated recapitulations, which support the listener below­ stand, are pointless, and the overtones of speech disappear in print.

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Pavuk, Bowling Green State University Marc Perkins, Orange Coast College Beverly Perry, Houston Community College John S. Peters, College of Charleston Chris Petrie, Eastern Florida State College John M. Pleasants, Iowa State University Michael Plotkin, Mt. San Jacinto College Mary Poffenroth, San Jose State University Dan Porter, Amarillo College Sonja Pyott, University of North Carolina at Wilmington Mirwais Qaderi, Mount Saint Vincent University Nick Reeves, Mt. San Jacinto College Adam J. Reinhart, Wayland Baptist University Stephanie Richards, Bates College David A.

435 HOW DO WE KNOW? How far can artificial selection be taken? 436 Sexual selection increases an individual’s reproductive success. 5 Migration, Mutation, Genetic Drift, and Non-Random Mating 438 Migration reduces genetic variation between populations. 438 Mutation increases genetic variation. 438 Genetic drift has a large effect in small populations. 438 Non-random mating alters genotype frequencies without affecting allele frequencies. 6 Molecular Evolution ? How did malaria come to infect humans?

335 HOW DO WE KNOW? How are single-gene traits inherited? 336 Independent assortment reflects the random alignment of chromosomes in meiosis. 337 Phenotypic ratios can be modified by interactions between genes. 5 Patterns of Inheritance Observed in Family Histories 339 Dominant traits appear in every generation. 339 Recessive traits skip generations. 340 Many genes have multiple alleles. 340 Incomplete penetrance and variable expression can obscure inheritance patterns. 341 ? How do genetic tests identify disease risk factors?

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