Biomedical Aspects of the Laser: The Introduction of Laser by Leon Goldman

By Leon Goldman

This publication is a assessment of previous and present experiences and destiny plans of the Laser Laboratory in Cincinnati and a few of the contributions of laser learn teams in different scientific facilities. specified thank you are a result of Directing Physicist of the Laser Labora­ tory, R. James Rockwell. with out his suggestion, consistent supervision and corrections, this enthusiastic investigator could proceed to dissatisfied even many extra humans than he has performed already. The excuse, in fact, is to stimulate a lot wanted curiosity and regulated learn and improvement of the laser for biology and medication. The affiliate study Physicist, Ralph Schooley, has labored with many levels of laser study yet in particular in Q spoiling, Raman spectroscopy, and the just about alchemy of holography. Holography, as of now, offers many possibilities for Gumperson's legislation, "If whatever can get it wrong, it's going to. " honest appreciation is expressed to the Surgeons within the Laser Labora­ tory, who've provided medical and investigative surgical supervision usually less than nice problems, Dr. V. E. Siler and Dr. Bruce Henderson. we're thankful for aid from the Directing Biologist of the Laser Labo­ ratory, Edmond Ritter, the Director of Laser Neurosurgery, Dr. Thomas Brown and the Professor of Neurosurgery, Dr. Robert McLaurin, for very important and easy paintings in laser neurosurgery. particular thank you are given to Robert Meyer, who has given lots of the remedies in cautious and skillful style, and his affiliate, Robert Otten.

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By Summer Levine, John Wiley and Sons, New York, in press. Heller, A. and A. Lempicki: Liquid Lasers, Applied Physics Letters, 9: 106, p. 196. : Personal communication. Lesnick, J. P. and C. H. Church: Efficient high energy laser radiation utilizing a coaxial optical pump. IEEE]. Quantum Electronics, QE, 2:16, 1966. : Ultraviolet lasers. Applied Physics Letters, 9:34, 1966. Patel, C. K. : Harmonic generation in IR with C0 2 laser. Physical Review Letters, 14:613, 1966. Rockwell, R. : Personal communication.

Holographic movies may be possible using Eastman Kodak No. 649-F film. The potential uses of this in biomedical applications are evident. A lens-less photography technique has been tures of macromolecules. Holographic movies may be possible using value for fog detection and may have application in studies of aerosols in biomedical research. Holography has been used also to study stresses and strains in metal. Microscopy by wave front reconstruction using a hologram like a diffraction grating has been done by Leith and Upathnieks.

Showing use of bright-spot target light of experimental neodymium laser head (Eastman), to define impact area on cancer. Investigative studies are now being done to combine quartz rods with endoscopic instruments especially with the argon laser. In this manner, the laser may be used as a therapeutic instrument in body cavities. The studies are being done in our laboratory in the field of urology by Mulvaney for the treatment of bladder stones and masses. LASER HEAD MOUNTS Another way to make the laser more flexible is to provide an attachment for the laser head.

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