Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress Pilots Manual by United States. Office of Flying Safety

By United States. Office of Flying Safety

Изображения: черно-белые фотоa. version B-17F and G bombardment airplanes are four-engine-midwing monoplanes. The approximate over-all dimensions are: size, seventy four ft nine inches; top, taxying place, 19 toes 1 inch; span, 103 toes nine inches.b. Electrically operated touchdown apparatus, tail equipment, wing flaps, bomb bay doorways, and hydraulically operated brakes and cover flaps are provided.c. The staff contains pilot, copilot, navigator, bombardier, higher turret gunner, reduce turret gunner, radio operator, facet gunner(s), and tail gunner. The aircraft may be entered both in the course of the major front door at the correct facet of the plane simply ahead of the horizontal stabilizer, or in the course of the entrance hatch within the backside of the fuselage less than the pilots compartment.d. protecting armament of the B-17F comprises 3 turrets, each one mounting .50 calibre desktop weapons, and 5 unmarried flexibly fixed .50 fixed .50 calibre computing device weapons. The B-17G has an extra strength turret slightly under the nostril of the aircraft and regulated from thebombardiers compartment.e. Provisions are made for loading 2000-pound or smaller bombs on racks in the bomb bay, and one bomb, as much as 4000 kilos should be carried less than every one wing.

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RADIO COMPASSRECEIVER. a. The radio compass receiver is above the navigator's table and may be remotely controlled either from the pilot's compartment ceiling or from the control unit on the navigator's table. of the radio compass receiver is the same for the navigator as for the pilot. Refer to section II, paragraph 2. II " " 'I SAFETY II ""'-- UNSCREW TO ADJ. - DJUSTMENT PLUNGER 4-112' ADJUSTMENTS 17 1/2' TO 191/2' / 3 SPINDLE SET SCREWS FLOOR b. The bearing indicator is mounted beneath the forward inboard corner of the navigator's table and its dial may be seen by lifting the cover on the table.

I When the turret is not being used, turn it so that i the guns point aft and are parallel to the center line of the airplane. KEY TO FIGURE 51 I. 2. 3. 5. RANGEKNOB 6. TROUBLE LIGHTSWITCH TROUBLELIGHT ij. HANDGRIP DEADMANSWITCH OXYGEN FLOW CONTROL 7. OXYGENMASK FITTING 8. ELEVATION HANDCRANK 1 In event trolled by the is not possible but they may the turret and 1 Figure 51 - Upper Turret of power failure, the turret may be conazimuth and elevation hand cranks. It to track a target with the hand cranks, be used for approximate positioning pf guns.

All doors and-hatches are quickly releasable. The side gunner's windows slide forward to open. Bomb doors may be openedby either of two emergency release handles, one at the left of the pilot and the other at the forward end of the catwalk in the bomb bay. - Q.. SIGNAL. (1) Stand by to abandon: mately 6 seconds). one long ring (approxi- (2) Abandon airplane: three proximately 2 seconds each). short rings (ap- £.. SWITCHES. - The situation will determine whether fuel and electrical systems should be turned off prior to abandoning the airplane.

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