Brain Twisters by Norman Sullivan

By Norman Sullivan

A part of the "Test Your Intelligence" sequence, this offers a hundred sixty five common sense puzzles, from effortless to tough. solutions and an IQ grading procedure are integrated.

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But 'twas natural tu, in a manner of spakin'. But 'tesn't that troublin' 'im. 'Tes in here [touching his forehead], along of his wife, to my thinkin'. They zay 'e've a−known about 'er a−fore she went away. Think of what 'e've 'ad to kape in all this time. 'Tes enough to drive a man silly after that. I've a−locked my gun up. I see a man like−−like that once before−−an' sure enough 'e was dead in the mornin'! MRS. BRADMERE. Nonsense, Burlacombe! [To MRS. BURLACOMBE] Go and tell him I want to see him−−must see him.

With anger growing at his silence] Live it down, man! You can't desert your post−−and let these villagers do what they like with us? Do you realize that you're letting a woman, who has treated you abominably;−−yes, abominably −−go scot−free, to live comfortably with another man? What an A Bit O' Love 31/43 A Bit O' Love example! STRANGWAY. Will you, please, not speak of that! MRS. BRADMERE. I must! This great Church of ours is based on the rightful condemnation of wrongdoing. There are times when forgiveness is a sin, Michael Strangway.

Dubiously] Is it? STRANGWAY. [Pointing] See! Everything coming out to listen! See them, Tibby! All the little things with pointed ears, children, and birds, and flowers, and bunnies; and the bright rocks, and−−men! Hear their hearts beating! And the wind listening! TIBBY. I can't hear−−nor I can't see! STRANGWAY. Beyond−−−−[To himself] They are−−they must be; I swear they are! [Then, catching sight of TIBBY'S amazed eyes] And now say good−bye to me. TIBBY. Where yu goin'? STRANGWAY. I don't know, Tibby.

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