Chatterbox: Activity Book Level 3 by Jackie Holderness

By Jackie Holderness

Stimulating actions inside a graded syllabus.

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Fundamentals of English grammar

Application Highlights transparent charts and reasons *Student-friendly grammar charts with transparent info. *Examples observed via transparent motives. *Minimal grammar terminology for ease of knowing. In-depth grammar perform *Immediate program of grammatical kinds and meanings. *A number of workout forms together with warm-up, comprehension, of completion, analyzing, listening, interview, and writing.

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Книга состоит из 30 юнитов и 2-х приложений. В юнитах поданы тексты на техническое чтение (про всякие там резисторы, транзисторы, конденсаторы, электрические схемы и многое другое, т. е. все что нужно знать любому инженеру-электронщику и вообще образованному человеку), естественно грамматика и письмо.

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An up to date and revised variation of the target CAE direction, which prepares scholars for Cambridge English: complicated, sometimes called certificates in complex English (CAE). The Workbook offers the additional perform and consolidation of language and talents required at this point. The Audio CD offers additional listening perform.

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