Cognitive Radio Receiver Front-Ends: RF/Analog Circuit by Bodhisatwa Sadhu, Ramesh Harjani

By Bodhisatwa Sadhu, Ramesh Harjani

This booklet specializes in the structure and circuit layout for cognitive radio receiver front-ends. The authors first supply a holistic rationalization of RF circuits for cognitive radio platforms. this can be by means of an in-depth exploration of present recommendations that may be used by circuit designers. assurance additionally contains novel circuit recommendations and architectures that may be worthy for designers for cognitive radio systems.

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2, is obtained. In order to evaluate and compare VCO performances, the Power-FrequencyTuning Normalized figure of merit (PFTN) as described in [79] was used. A temperature of 300 K was used for the PFTN calculations. 9 shows the VCO performance over the entire frequency range. 5 dB in the high frequency band. 2, this design provides one of the best PFTN performances reported to date. Also notable is the lack of significant variation in the PFTN values over such a wide tuning bandwidth. This was ensured through a carefully designed trade-off between phase noise and power across the entire tuning range.

8 with the implementation in Fig. 6 (Type 1). As shown in Fig. 6 (Type 1 butterfly), corresponding ( ± & ±) copies of each operand A and B are shared during stage 1 processing. Since the magnitude of the multiplicand in this stage is unity, the multiplication stage can be eliminated. RC error cancellation, as discussed in Sect. 3 CRAFT Implementation 53 is performed using wire-swapping. This stage consumes a single processing-clock cycle as shown in Fig. 9. Stage 2 The second stage comprises two types of operations: share and multiply by unity, and by W 2 = √12 − √12 i, as shown in Fig.

7 dB) superior compared to an unmodified implementation. 54 5 CRAFT: Charge Re-use Analog Fourier Transform CAZ2 Vin,CM 61fF ΦL ΦL Cgain Vin,CM Vin,CM Vin ΦAZ ΦL 316fF ΦAZ ΦAZ ΦL Cfixed + ΦL ΦAZ − Vin,CM Vin,CM Vin,CM Vout,CM ΦAZ 9fF – ΦH CAZ1 51fF ΦL Vout,CM ΦH + Vout ΦAZ ΦAZ ΦL ΦAZ ΦL ΦAZ ΦAZ ΦL ΦL Vout,CM Vout,CM Fig. 3 Output Latch On the far end of the core, the wires connect through switches to the operational transconductance amplifier (OTA) based analog latches that save the outputs prior to being read out (Fig.

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