Collection of Problems in Physical Chemistry by Jiří Bareš, လestmír လerný and Vojtěch Fried (Auth.)

By Jiří Bareš, လestmír လerný and Vojtěch Fried (Auth.)

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A) 264000 deuterons (b) 77000 a-particles 9. 8-7 MeV 10. (a) 5-155 XlO7 kcal (c) 5-485 xlO 8 kcal 8 (b) 1-454 XlO kcal (d) 6-687 XlO7 kcal 11. 170047 12. 8-93 xlO-» g 13. (a) 1-73 À (b) 0-173 A (d) 2-35 xlO - 3 À (with relativistic correction) 14. (a) 0-124 MeV (b) 1-24 xlO- 9 eV (c) l-24xlO- 8 eV 15. (a) 1-638 xlO-« ergs (b) 0-012 À 54 Collection of Problems in Physical Chemistry 16. sec (b) v0 = 10834 x l 0 l s sec-1 λο = 276-7 my. P2 = 4-47 eV 17. sec- 1 18. (a) 0-33 V (b) 3-64 V 19. 1-24 À 20.

In all these calculations assume that the hydrogen chloride molecule behaves as a linear harmonic oscillator. Solution (a) For the harmonic vibrations of a diatomic molecule we have the equation of motion ** where μ is the reduced mass of the molecule, r the internuclear distance of the atoms in the molecule, re the equilibrium value of the internuclear distance, τ the time and Jc the so-called force constant. By solving the differential equation (1) we get q = 208ΐη(2πντ + φ), (2) where q denotes displacement from the equilibrium position (i.

Sec- 1 , * LORD RAYLEIGH, Troc. Boy. Soc. 62, 204, 1898. sec- 1 . Note—It is seen from equations (1), (2) and (3) that the different molecular velocities are mutually related as follows a : v : û = 1 : 1-128 : 1-224 . Illustration 2 Calculation of molar heat capacity Calculate the limiting value of the specific heat capacity of stannic chloride for constant pressure. Compare the result with the value cP = 0-393 J . grad -1 . g_1, found experimentally by V. Eegnault * for a temperature interval of 149-273°C.

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