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18 Genetic variation is produced through the random distribution of chromosomes in meiosis. In this example, the cell shown possesses three homologous pairs of chromosomes. combinations of chromosomes in the gametes. In general, the number of possible combinations is 2n, where n equals the number of homologous pairs. As the number of chromosome pairs increases, the number of combinations quickly becomes very large. In humans, who have 23 pairs of chromosomes, there are 8,388,608 different combinations of chromosomes possible from the random separation of homologous chromosomes.

3. List three fundamental events that must take place in cell reproduction. 4. Outline the process by which prokaryotic cells reproduce. 5. Name three essential structural elements of a functional eukaryotic chromosome and describe their functions. * 6. Sketch and label four different types of chromosomes based on the position of the centromere. 7. List the stages of interphase and the major events that take place in each stage. * 8. List the stages of mitosis and the major events that take place in each stage.

Can you think of any reasons for the fact that most mules are sterile? Chromosomes and Cellular Reproduction 43 CHALLENGE QUESTIONS 27. Suppose that life exists elsewhere in the universe. All life must contain some type of genetic information, but alien genomes might not consist of nucleic acids and have the same features as those found in the genomes of life on Earth. What do you think might be the common features of all genomes, no matter where they exist? 28. On average, what proportion of the genome in the following pairs of humans would be exactly the same if no crossing over occurred?

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