Combinatorial Methods in Topology and Algebra by Bruno Benedetti, Emanuele Delucchi, Luca Moci

By Bruno Benedetti, Emanuele Delucchi, Luca Moci

Combinatorics performs a popular position in modern arithmetic, a result of shiny improvement it has skilled within the final 20 years and its many interactions with different subjects.

This e-book arises from the INdAM convention "CoMeTA 2013 - Combinatorial tools in Topology and Algebra,'' which used to be held in Cortona in September 2013. the development introduced jointly rising and top researchers on the crossroads of Combinatorics, Topology and Algebra, with a selected specialize in new tendencies in matters akin to: hyperplane preparations; discrete geometry and combinatorial topology; polytope concept and triangulations of manifolds; combinatorial algebraic geometry and commutative algebra; algebraic combinatorics; and combinatorial illustration theory.

The booklet is split into components. the 1st expands at the issues mentioned on the convention through delivering extra historical past and motives, whereas the second one provides unique contributions on new tendencies within the themes addressed via the conference.

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E. g. R-module N up to 0 0 isomorphism, and product given by uN uN D uN˚N . R-Mat/ is a ring without unity, with product given by TM TM0 D TM˚M0 . EnA/ ; (3) AÂE where fX N g and fY N g are the respective bases of the two tensor factors ZŒR-Mod. XY/N as N ranges over torsion modules. If R is a field, Theorem 7 gives the classical Tutte polynomial in the bivariate polynomial ring ZŒR-Mod ˝ ZŒR-Mod on setting X D x 1 and Y D y 1. 1 Arithmetic Tutte Polynomial and Quasi-Polynomial If M is a matroid over Z, the arithmetic Tutte polynomial of its associated quasiO and its Tutte quasi-polynomial, are each images of TM under arithmetic matroid M, ring homomorphisms.

We find this definition to have multiple agreeable features. For one, by building on the well-studied setting of modules over commutative rings, we A. uk L. com © Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2015 B. Benedetti et al. 1007/978-3-319-20155-9_9 41 42 A. Fink and L. Moci get a theory where the considerable power and development of commutative algebra can be easily brought to bear. For another, unlike arithmetic and valuated matroids, a matroid over R is not defined as a matroid decorated with extra data; there are only two axioms, and we suggest that they are comparably simple to the matroid axioms themselves.

Theorem 5 Let X ! X be a regular, finite cyclic cover. Suppose that im. X; C/, but im. X; k/, for some field k of characteristic p not dividing the order of the cover. X ; Z/ has non-zero p-torsion. X; C/ have a combinatorial description, for which we refer in particular to work of Falk and Yuzvinsky in [5]. A multinet consists of a partition of A into at least three subsets A1 ; : : : ; Ak , together with an assignment of multiplicities, mW A ! N, and a subset X of the rank 2 flats, such that any two hyperplanes from different parts intersect at a flat in X , and several technical conditions are satisfied: for instance, the sum of the multiplicities over each part Ai is constant, and for each flat Z 2 X , the sum P nZ WD H2Ai WH Z mH is independent of i.

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