Computers, Rigidity, and Moduli - The Large-Scale Fractal by Shmuel Weinberger

By Shmuel Weinberger

This ebook is the 1st to give a brand new sector of mathematical examine that mixes topology, geometry, and common sense. Shmuel Weinberger seeks to give an explanation for and illustrate the consequences of the overall precept, first emphasised through Alex Nabutovsky, that logical complexity engenders geometric complexity. He offers purposes to the matter of closed geodesics, the speculation of submanifolds, and the constitution of the moduli house of isometry sessions of Riemannian metrics with curvature bounds on a given manifold. eventually, geometric complexity of a moduli area forces features outlined on that house to have many severe issues, and new effects concerning the life of extrema or equilibria follow.

The major kind of algorithmic challenge that arises is acceptance: is the awarded item comparable to a few regular one? whether it is tricky to figure out even if the matter is solvable, then the unique item has doppelgängers--that is, different gadgets which are super tricky to differentiate from it.

Many new questions emerge concerning the algorithmic nature of recognized geometric theorems, approximately "dichotomy problems," and in regards to the metric entropy of moduli area. Weinberger stories them utilizing instruments from crew idea, computability, differential geometry, and topology, all of which he explains prior to use. on the grounds that a number of examples are labored out, the overarching ideas are set in a transparent reduction that is going past the main points of anybody problem.

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