Conscience Interplanetary by Joseph Green

By Joseph Green

Technology Fiction. a really great classic collector's merchandise. quantity # UY1148(#131). unique fee $1.25.

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When the flight computer activated the non-radiative rockets and the little ship smoothly lifted off, Allan braced himself against the 3 G strain. It was too bad stasis chambers were impractical in small ships. But the Space Service neverlander they were catching was in a low orbit, and it was only a few minutes before the shuttle smoothly tilted over. In seven more they were out of the atmosphere, and within fifteen had obtained orbital speed. Allan spotted the huge interstellar ship they were overtaking on the forward viewscreen, and ten minutes later the pilot was easing them into the hangar deck.

The procession resumed its fast walk. When Allan and Tes fell behind again, a large male dropped back and relieved Allan, and another soontook over Tes’s load. Allan used his radio to alert the plant, and requested that the station manager meet them in the receiving room. At the fence a technician let them through a rear gate, and the Shamblers went directly to the entrance of the long room. Allan, not wanting to interrupt the usual routine, waited impatiently just inside the door until Jeri DeWitt appeared.

Several of the closer Shambler males, hands high and bones hidden, stood waiting for an attack signal. Someone saw that the child was beyond aid, and a harsh command came from farther up the line. They were not going to risk more lives to recover the dead. Allan was not taking a risk, and he wanted the body. His stomach was churning, in reaction to violence and sudden bloody death, but he carefully aimed the pistol. Despite a slight shaking in his hand the hot beam burned a hole into the killer’s feral brain.

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