Critical Events in Teaching and Learning by Peter Woods

By Peter Woods

This quantity describes and analyses unparalleled academic occasions – classes of fairly powerful educating representing ultimates in instructor and scholar academic event. The occasions themselves are reconstructed within the booklet via instructor and student voices and during documentation. A version of 'critical occasion' is derived from the research, which would function a potential framework for knowing different such occurrences in colleges. [C:\Users\Microsoft\Documents\Calibre Library]

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By this time they had become so involved in the story itself that the characters had almost become real people to them and they recounted not only what they were doing, but how they were feeling, and the kind of smells which were in the room at the time. For example, we had some wonderful descriptions of what autumnal apples are like, and apples which have been wrapped up and put in the attic. Often their descriptions of things like that and of the emotions which they evoked, were so mature that we just let them go on and on talking about them.

It was important that all contributed to it as freely and as ably as they could; that they felt it was theirs, not done for teachers or anybody else; that they felt they had a share in control of the process; and that they approved of the products. Peter described how this worked. Theresa would read out what she had written, using the ideas generated the previous week. She would then invite comments and these would be discussed. If necessary, the text would be amended according to their ideas, for she was 'very concerned that the children were happy with the fmished product'.

Moreover it was a long-term effect. Peter said 'The special bond between all members of the group still prevails today. This is equally true of my (and Theresa's) relationship with the individual members of the group and the interrelationships within that group'. The Art of Learning Learning is not just a matter of absorption, but is an interactional process with strong cultural influences. :der to learn, the child must understand messages, perceive them as relevant and be open to their initial reception.

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