Cultural Awareness (Resource Books for Teachers) by Barry Tomalin

By Barry Tomalin

This ebook beneficial properties actions to extend cultural know-how and interplay between scholars.

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Application Highlights transparent charts and causes *Student-friendly grammar charts with transparent details. *Examples observed via transparent reasons. *Minimal grammar terminology for ease of knowing. In-depth grammar perform *Immediate software of grammatical varieties and meanings. *A number of workout kinds together with warm-up, comprehension, crowning glory, interpreting, listening, interview, and writing.

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Книга состоит из 30 юнитов и 2-х приложений. В юнитах поданы тексты на техническое чтение (про всякие там резисторы, транзисторы, конденсаторы, электрические схемы и многое другое, т. е. все что нужно знать любому инженеру-электронщику и вообще образованному человеку), естественно грамматика и письмо.

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4 Playing vocabulary games Guessing games and memory games are useful to help children become familiar with new vocabulary in an enjoyable way. When you show children what to do and at the same time give instructions for games in English, they are listening to you with a real purpose - to find out how to play. They are also absorbing new vocabulary and intonation patterns. 4E Guessing the picture TEACH ER : So, let's see who remembers? I have a picture here ... of something you know ... Can you guess what it is?

4 Teach the same activities in another class but this time take in a cassette recorder with a microphone. RECOR D Record yourself setting up and leading the 'listen and do' activities. - Listen to your recording two or three times. - Write down what you notice about the things you said and did. , Listen and make This unit looks at Introduction how listening to English and making things can be done without expecting children to speak English at first is an ideal way for children to absorb more English includes a range of activities that are suited to all levels helps interaction in English between teacher and pupils allows children to create things they can be proud of can include a focus on cultural awareness.

TEACH ER: Now show methe eyes, the clown's eyes. Yes here they are. Now colour the eyes blue. Great. TEACHER : Nowwhenyou'vefinished put up your hands. Are you finished? Very good. OK. Everyone has to colour their own picture. OK, Ann,l 'lIlook at it later. OK, now colour the hands. OK, please sit down Andy, OK. Thanks. Now,good. (after a while) TEACH E R: OK, let's check now. Show me ... pOintto ... Black nose, blue eyes, orange mouth, brown hair,yellow hands. Very good. Now we'll put up the pictures on the wall today.

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