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The 1st objective is to supply well-articulated thoughts by means of considering via basic phenomena of trendy global, targeting privateness and the electronic, to elucidate who we're within the cyberworld - for this reason a phenomenology of electronic whoness. the second one target is to have interaction significantly, hermeneutically with older and present literature on privateness, together with in trendy rising cyberworld. Phenomenological effects contain strategies of i) self-identity via interaction with the area, ii) own privateness in contradistinction to the privateness of personal estate, iii) the cyberworld as a man-made, electronic size for you to talk about iv) what freedom within the cyberworld can suggest, when no longer neglecting v) intercultural points and vi) the ecu context.

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In view of the global capitalism today at play, which is unthinkable without private property and rights of private property and without free individual property owners who are masters of themselves, it could be said that a certain minimal penetration of capitalist-liberal values has been achieved globally on the everyday economic level in which almost everybody today has a stake. Curtailments of the so-called ‘rule of law’ — which generally amounts to the rights of life, liberty and property, including especially contractual intercourse — in some parts of the world means precisely the curtailment of rules of play according to which a market economy ‘naturally’ operates.

This grounding is spurious, but it does at least point to the justified or unjustified striving of individuals to gain useful things from whose use and enjoyment other men are excluded. The most basic appropriation of things of nature is land itself, whose history is full of violent exclusion of other peoples and persons from the land in order to secure it as the land of a sovereign power and as private property owned by a landowner, who well may have been some kind of 19 John Locke Second Treatise of Government in Locke Two Treatises of Government with an introduction by Peter Laslett, Mentor Books, New York 1965 § 27; italics in the original.

13 Later, we will return to this encapsulated subject of consciousness (cf. 8 Floridi’s metaphysics 13 Kant 1781 pp. 98-110. Michael Eldred 27 of the threefold-encapsulated subject in a world conceived as infosphere). 3 Values, ethos, ethics In mores fortuna jus non habet. Fortune has no right in ethics. Seneca Epistulae ad Lucilium Ep. XXXVI The question concerning values14 has a close relationship with the phenomenon of esteem, which amounts to valuing someone as somewho. But values extend beyond whos to all sorts of things, including useful things (use-values), exchangeable things (exchangevalues, money) and even intangible values such as local traditional customs, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, etc.

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