Distributional Atlas & Catalogue of the Leaf Beetles of by Gruev B. Blagoy, Vassil Tomov

By Gruev B. Blagoy, Vassil Tomov

This catalogue and atlas summarise all on hand information at the distribution and ecology of leaf beetles (Chrysomelidae) in Bulgaria. Species bills comprise taxonomic prestige, synonymy, all identified localities in Bulgaria and information on distribution and habitat personal tastes. each one species distribution is mapped. The e-book is addressed to taxonomists, creditors, nature conservationsts and biogeographers.

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Levka [VT]; Mt. Strandzha: MG86: ab. Bolyarovo [ТОМОВ, ГРУЕВ, 1987]), from May till July, on Salix, Populus, Alnus. GENERAL DISTRIBUTION: Bulgaria, Greece, North-West Turkey. 24 A DISTRIBUTIONAL ATLAS AND CATALOGUE OF THE LEAF BEETLES OF BULGARIA Labidostomis (Labidostomis) pallidipennis (Gebler, 1830) Clytra pallidipennis Gebler, Ledeb. Reise, 2, 3: 199. Clytra pilicollis: ANONYMOUS, 1907: 338. , 1964: 83; ТОМОВ, 1970 а: 157, 1994: 7; WARCHALOWSKI, 1974: 483, 1985: 714; TOMOV, 1979: 176; ГРУЕВ, ТОМОВ, 1984: 85; ТОМОВ, ГРУЕВ, 1987: 254; VIG, 1992: 296; GRUEV, TOMOV, 1998: 19; GRUEV, 2003 c: 57, 2004 b: 41, 2005 b: 113, 2006: 54.

Golo Bardo: m. h. “Orlite” [VT]; Mt. Rila: FM97: vill. Cherna Mesta [VT]; Mt. Pirin: GL09: Melnik [WARCHALOWSKI, 1974], vill. FL98: Harsovo, ab. FM73: Kresna and GM03: Bansko [VT]; Stara Planina chain: LH31: ab. Kalofer [АПФЕЛБЕК, 1912, APFELBECK, 1916], NH63: Emine Balkan, [GRUEV, 2004 b]; Upper Thrace: LG84: Khaskovo [ЙОАКИМОВ, 1904], LG86: vill. Mihailovo [VT]; NG67: dam “Koprinka” [VT], Rhodopes: KG86: Besaparski Ridove Hills ab. vill. Ognyanovo [VT], GM25: ab. Yakoruda [ТОМОВ, 1979]; Black Sea area: NH83: rt.

Stob [GRUEV, 2004 d], FM73: Kresna [VT], FL88: Petrich [ROUBAL, 1931]; Mt. Pirin: GL09: Rozhenski mr. ab. Melnik [WARCHALOWSKI, 1974], FM90: Sandanski > vill. Lilyanovo [VT]; Mt. Slavyanka: GL18: ab. vill. Goleshovo [VT]); Low Maritsa Valley (K MG04: Kharmanli [TOMOV, 1979]; Sredna Gora Mts (LH11: ab. Hisarya [WARCHALOWSKI, 1974]); Rhodopes (LG24: ab. vill. Bachkovo [V]); Mt Strandzha (MG86: vill. Bolyarovo and NG44: Malko Tarnovo [ТОМОВ, ГРУЕВ, 198]) ; Black Sea area (NG59: Sozopol [WARCHALOWSKI, 1974], NG67: Primorsko and NG68: NG68: res.

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